Smart Living Designs

Smart Living Designs is a small firm that strives to create unique projects that enhance the use and livability of each space and create projects with a strong connection to both the local and regional environment. By incorporating the ideas of the client and the intentions for the use with holistic design and sustainable practices a site specific response is created.

The focus is on keeping it simple with clean lines, an efficient use of space, and a comfortable flow as you move through and inhabit the space.

The style of design tends to be more contemporary and modern in nature blended with and softened by a warm and comfortable palette of materials, colors, and details.


PO Box 3201

Telluride, CO 8143
164M Society Dr

By employing technology and holistic, intelligent design with sustainable and environmentally conscious ideas, resource and energy use is minimized and a better project is realized. Each client has a direct connection with the Architect and Owner of the firm which allows for an improved flow of ideas and strong communication. Attention to detail and a commitment to service and quality are paramount.